Shae Flanigan is a Pacific Northwesterner whose heart has found its home in Southern California.

Shae is a BDSM educator, panelist and performer who believes strongly in the titleholder and contest system and has taken many roles from contestant to judge, handler, crew and emcee. Whatever form it takes, she constantly strives to pay forward the love, support and knowledge that others have shared with her.

In 2014, Shae was chosen as the inaugural Ms. Sanctuary Leather. During her year, Shae and two others founded the Southland Title Sisters, a group designed to support female titleholders throughout the Southern California region during and after their title years.

She maintains her focus in supporting her community, is a proud member of Mama’s Family, and strives to lead by example as the President of The Southland Title Sisters and Producer of the Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest.