“50 Shades vs Reality – A Different Approach to BDSM 101″
- Orange Coast College Awareness Day, 2013

Class writeup here:

“A realistic view  of the 50 Shades romance series and how the books have brought the BDSM culture into the eyes of mainstream society. Discussing what makes the 50 shades books so appealing to such a broad audience, this class approaches BDSM 101 and safety elements of of our world in a light-hearted, down to earth way, while answering questions and fears that people have about the BDSM & Leather Lifestyle.


 “Appeasement Games”
- LA Xposed, June 2008
- ClubX San Diego August 2010

- Threshold Society, Los Angeles May 2013


“Its predicament bondage for the mind and soul; a tangled web of
damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Where do you gain your motivation? Is it a deep overwhelming hunger to please and do as you are bid, or an overriding drive to win and to not fail yourself? Perhaps it is a combination of both?

There are many ways to play, but playing is the objective. Making it through the game
will take the perfect mixture of wits, patience, speed and endurance.

Good luck!”


“Blood Lust”
- DomCon Los Angeles May 2010

- ClubX GNO, 2011

- Threshold Society, 2011/2012

- Next Gen OC, May 2013

- SouthEast Leather Fest, June 2015

“Cutting, Piercing, Puncturing and so much more! This class
is all about blood; our craving for it, our desire to see it drawn, gathered
and played with, (safely and effectively)!

Warning: If you faint at the sight or smell of blood, this
workshop is not for you!

However, if the sight of blood makes you giddy, or piques your
curiosity, I invite you to join me for a delightful evening of ooohs and ahhhhs
as I show you a collection of fun ways to treasure and enjoy our most valuable


“David vs Goliath – Body Punching and The Power of Touch”

- Long Beach Pride, Leather Tent May 2010
- San Diego Pride, Leather Realm July 2010

- Kink Academy, Jan 2012

- Fet Noir TNG, Threshold, Los Angeles, March 2013

- MadtownKinkFest, July 2013

“There are few things that create as intense a connection as two
bodies pulsing in time with the force of blows created by fists and boots.

Nothing to separate the brutal and demanding passion between them; eyes locked, fists pumping and breath catching with each impact. As the tears fall and the bruises form the world disappears.

This class is ideal for everyone who loves play whether novice or advanced and will cover both obvious scenes and subtle techniques that can be used anywhere, by anyone, whether large or small bodied. Together we will explore the many delightful forms of hands-on impact play as well as the situations in which each may be preferred, as well as great warm up techniques, ways to read our bottoms, body-specific areas of play and safety concerns and tips for each form of play.

We will also look at ways tops can take care of themselves so they can not only sustain during impact scenes, but also prevent injury during play and wonderful ways to make a HUGE impact in VERY subtle ways. After all, possessing the ability to create full scenes using only ones hands is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful things a top can have in their arsenal. When our bottoms know that we require no implements to cause inordinate amounts of pain at will, they also learn that no matter where we are, it is ALWAYS “game on.”


“Dressing to Kill”

- Kinky Kollege, Chicago, April 2013

- Sin in The City, Las Vegas, March 2015

This class will cover the importance of wardrobe to enhance D/s, M/s, Roleplay, genderbending and genderfucking elements.

No one is saying we can’t play in our fuzzy slippers, and some of the best scenes I’ve ever had HAVE been those slippers. However, some of my sweetest moments of crawling into someone’s mind have been when I have taken the time to set the mood and that starts with my deliberate intention to what I’m wearing and how my partner will react to it.

Whether we are planning a hot scene or wearing items to signify our relationship, wardrobe matters. there is something incredibly sexy about intention and in this class, are focus is all about it.

We will discuss fetish items and working them into our day to day lives, flagging, gender bending, gender fucking, ways to subtly (or not so subtly) declare our relationships as well as ways to emphasize and/or minimize physical attributes to achieve desired outcomes.



“The Hard Fuck- Embracing and Mastering the Art of the Mind Fuck”

- Ms San Diego Leather Contest, March 2010,

- International Ms Leather Contest, March 2012

- DESIRE, June 2012

- Fet Noir LA August 2012

- Kinky Kollege, Chicago, April 2013

- Club X San Diego, Jan 2014

“Adrenaline and endorphins rule in many realms of our play.
In this class Shae will be teaching basic principles and best practices for
turning your bottom’s mind into your most powerful weapon.

With the assistance of her lovely demo bottom, Shae will also
demonstrate some deliciously wicked tricks and share a few of her personal
techniques and “tools of the trade.”


“How To Be A Professional Dominatrix”

Kinky Kollege, Chicago, April 2013

Ladies in Charge of Kink Munch, May, 2013


What do you see as the different between Lifestyle players and Professional players?

Is there one?

Perhaps you are interested in becoming a Professional yourself, but don’t know how to get your business started and aren’t sure about laws and resources.

Whether you’re interested in separating industry reality from myth, or would like to learn more about the incredible world of Professional Domination, this discussion-based class will be filled with valuable information, loads of myth busting and a healthy dose of humor.


“The Joys of Foot, Heel & Boot Fetishism & Pervdom”

- Femme Fatale Night, Threshold Society, Los Angeles, Feb. 2013

- MadtownKinkFest, July 2013

- SD Women’s Wrap June 2014

- San Diego PRIDE, Leather Realm, July 2014

- SouthEast Leather Fest, June 2015

“Those who love heels, boots or feet don’t need me to teach them how to love them, it’s second nature. Ingrained into us, and if you ask us, those desires will be some of our earliest memories and cravings. What this class is about, is how to take that passion for the things we love so much and learn how to safely use them more in play.

So, whether you adore worshiping feet, boots, or heels (or being the object of adoration,) come spend a little time with me and let me show you how to safely and effectively use those objects of adoration to create some of the hottest scenes of your life.

This will be a class you won’t want to miss! So wear whatever footwear makes you feel hot, or bring it along with you and come play with us. Perhaps you’ll meet the Cinderella or Cinderfella of your dreams!


“Over the Edge – Sensory Excess & Overload”
- The Hard Edge – November 2010

- Threshold Society – Jan 2014

- Sin in the City – March 2015

- SouthEast Leather Fest June 2015

“How much is too much? When does the physical become the psychological? How far can the mind be pushed using only the physical senses to overload it? How do we approach that and where do we draw the line? This workshop is all about the deep dark scary side sensation play.

We will be forcing short circuiting, analyzing what makes the buttons fire and why, covering how to create a short circuit pattern. We will also be discussing the pros and cons of this sort of play and how to create the safe bubble needed to keep both the top and bottom emotionally, mentally and physically safe.

No one will be broken, but when we’re done, there will be a quivery puddle of goo…

If you are hoping for a fluffy, bunny-fur style of sensation play workshop THIS IS NOT IT. For everyone’s wellbeing, I ask that this class only be attended by advanced players. Thank you.”


“A Rope Workshop for People Who Hate Rope”

- Dungeon Servitus San Diego, July 2012

- MadtownKinkFest, July 2013

Many people hate ropes because so many classes and books make it all so complex and difficult. This class will be all about how to keep it SIMPLE focusing on actual rope basics: Buying your rope, Marking your ropes, Finishing your rope, Tying your rope, Cleaning your rope, Quick Ties, Table Work, Basic Body Harnesses, Simple Cuffs and building upon those basics to make really cool things down the road.

Everything will be at YOUR pace and the goal is to keep it casual, fun and easy. So, if you’re hoping to learn suspension, 10 different kinds of knots or intricate Shibari, this is NOT the class for you, but if you’re interested in how to use rope quickly and easily as an effective tool in your toy bag, come on in!

I hope to see you there.


“Sploshing for Pleasure and Pain”
- Folsom Street Fair, Venus Tent, Sept. 2009 (pleasure only)
- Kink in the Caribbean, Dec. 2010

- Kink Academy Shoot, May 2011 (pleasure only)

- Salt Lake City, Nov. 2012

- Swedish TV: “69 Things You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Sex” Feb. 2013  (pleasure only)

- Vice TV, January 2015

- Kink University, July 2015

- San Francisco Armory, July 2015

- Steel Wool Media, October 2015

“Imagine a world of sensation play where the silky textures
you felt caressing over your bare skin came with intoxicating, arousing aromas
that pushed your play even further.

Imagine being able to create the sensation of gently raking your
fingernails down your partner’s entire body at once, then watching as they
discover that their squirming only made it worse…

Perhaps what calls out to you is something more primal, a
visceral reaction that you can’t quite explain. Or maybe the thought of being
turned into human art does a perfect staccato on your humiliation button making
you wet.

Perhaps none of these hit you “just right” perhaps you
have a little piggy living inside you…. Maybe this “sweet side”
doesn’t call to you at all and what you yearn for is to be used and abused; to
be thrown away like yesterday’s trash….(literally) or forced to consume
repulsive things for the glee of your Owner.

This workshop deals quite literally with the sweet and sour side
of food play.

The first half of the class will be geared towards the lighter
side of play while the second half will only be for those not for the faint of
heart or stomach.”


“WTF!?! A Journey From A to Z and Everything Imaginable In Between…”

(Renamed to “A-Z Through The Looking Glass”)

Co-presented by Bryan Teague.

- The Hard Edge- January 2012

Writeup by Leatherati found here:

On this road we will explore the concept “WTF!?!” A to Z in definitions, views, terminology, protocols, and instructions on many absolute methods to get the proper answers to the “WTF!?!” questions at hand.


Violet Wands – Myths, Legend and the Actual Joy and History Of…

Co-Presented with Daddy Mike and Bryan Teague

San Diego Leather Realm, July 2010/2011/2012

Palm Springs Pride 2012/2013 (Individually Presented)

Long Beach Pride, May 2013


Panels I speak on include:

- BDSM Panels – CSULB, OCC, TSR Network

- Pro – Domme Panels – Stockroom LA, TSR Network

- “Mommy/boi/boy/girl” Panels – DomCon LA May 2012/2013

- Protecting Yourself as a Top – Sin in the City – Feb. 2015